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Self-Catering Ontario Rentals vs Hotel Accommodation: What to consider

Self-Catering Ontario Rentals vs Hotel Accommodation:  What to considerWhen planning a vacation in Ontario, you have two major choices for Ontario rentals: a standard hotel or a self-catering rental (vacation cottage).  Before you spring for the same old resort, consider the many benefits of renting a private home - you'll be surprised at how ideal it can be!


It's amazing, but a multi-bedroom home in the Haliburton area in the 2,000-square-foot range - with all the comforts of home - is generally more affordable than a basic hotel room.  Peak-season rates are generally about a third less than decent hotel accommodation, in fact.

This is especially true when you figure in the extras that you'll enjoy by staying in an Ontario rental  as opposed to staying in a hotel.  Whereas dining out is a necessary evil of hotel tourism, a holiday rental boasts the money-saving option of cooking your family meals at home.  A fully stocked kitchen (and, in some cases, a barbeque) saves a lot of money over the course of a week.  If you also factor in the in-home entertainment options that may be on offer depending on the home (for instance, a library, a stereo, or a boat), there's a lot more bang to be had for your vacation buck.


A vacation cottage in Ontario has a range of creature comforts that hotel rooms can't even dream of.  First of all, there's room to spread out!  A hotel room squeezes vacationers into a couple hundred square feet (and, generally, families are stuck sharing a room at night), but a holiday rental allows plenty of room to breathe.

The wide range of additional opportunities for fun makes a home rental even more of a bargain - but you probably won't be thinking about the money you're saving when you're having the time of your life. Whereas a hotel room comes with a television (and, if you're lucky, internet), a vacation home will likely be kitted out with lots of fun amenities.  Many cottages are equipped with stereo systems, DVD players, game rooms (pool or foosball, anyone?), docks, canoes, outdoor games, hot tubs, grills, and other diversions to make your holiday one to remember.


How many times have you done laundry in a hotel bathtub or sink to avoid the sky-high laundry charges at the front desk, only to resign yourself to soggy jeans in the morning?  How many times have you wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed after a fun, tiring day of play, but the family's hungry and you find yourself having to venture to the (expensive) hotel restaurant for dinner?  How often have you wished that you could actually fit your leftovers into the teeny mini-bar?

Once you've rented your first vacation home in Ontario, you'll be hooked.  The convenience of having a turnkey home at your disposal is unlike anything else you've experienced on vacation.

Escape The Tourist Trap

The best part?  Breaking out of "touristy" activities and enjoying southern Ontario like a local.  Haliburton is a spectacularly beautiful place, and staying in a private home means that you'll be able to let yourself enjoy it (rather than feeling compelled to cram every moment with touristy activities). Instead of rushing down to pack in a bowl of cereal before the breakfast bar shuts down, you'll find yourself more a part of the relaxed, gentle pace of life here.

After all, isn't rest and relaxation what a vacation should be about?


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