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Top Ten Things You'll Love About An Ontario Vacation Rental

Top Ten Things You’ll Love About An Ontario Vacation RentalWould you rather not return to a cramped, impersonal hotel room after a day of vacation fun?  There are so many reasons to choose an Ontario vacation rental for accommodation, there's no need to fumble with a keycard ever again.

#1 - More bang for your buck

When you weigh the budget benefits of staying in an Ontario vacation home, it becomes a no-brainer.  Dollar-for-dollar, a vacation cottage is simply less expensive than a hotel stay (especially if you're traveling with three or more people, when a hotel's price skyrockets.)  If you cook in the rental home instead of eating out - and use the rental home's laundry (where provided) instead of sending dirty clothes out to the cleaner's - the value is tremendous.

#2 - Higher-quality family time

When you're not cramped into a hotel room, you can enjoy each other (and the beautiful Haliburton region) so much more.  Especially for families staying with children, the extra space and homelike atmosphere of a vacation rental makes a holiday better in nearly every way.

#3 - Lots of variety

There are so many different vacation properties to choose from, located all over Ontario.  With a little forethought into what you want and don't want in a rental, you can quickly and easily find the one that's right for you.  Whether you're looking for a tiny cabin deep in the woods or a place close to town that'll fit an extended family, there's something for every taste.

#4 - Ease of booking

The internet makes the vacation rental process quicker and more convenient by the day.  Even though the wide variety of options in Ontario makes the decision-making process a bit more involved than simply booking a hotel room, professional services like All-Season Cottage Rentals [link] have smoothed the way for potential renters.

#5 - Lots of room to breathe

Think about it - on one hand, you have a postage-stamp-sized resort room with one bathroom, a tiny fridge, and a couple of chairs (if you're lucky).  On the other hand, you have a multi-bedroom, multi-bathroom home - generally, with a yard - and a cozy living area to enjoy the company of your fellow vacationers.  No contest!

#6 - You'll be an insider

Renting a vacation home in Haliburton means that you can live like a local.  Instead of being a simple tourist, you'll enjoy a much more authentic experience as a guest in someone's home.  Often, homeowners will leave local information for the renter - "helpful hints", as it were, regarding their favorite local haunts and attractions.  Even if they don't, your rental agent will know the property and the neighborhood, happily pointing you in the right direction for fun and ease.

#7 - Lots of toys for kids and adults

Rental homes often home with thoughtful, homey touches that greatly enrich the experience.  In some cases, that's it's a box of toys for the kids or a pingpong table; in others, it's a muffin tin in the kitchen or a rope swing.  Little touches of personality make a big difference.

#9 - Privacy

Whereas most people feel a bit uneasy about putting children in a separate hotel room, a vacation rental allows parents to sleep separately from their kids without worry.  That privacy can be absolutely priceless. There's also something to be said for the simple privacy (and safety) of foregoing the communal living situation of a hotel.

#10 - Pet potential

Though not vacation homeowner allows pets to stay on the property, many properties are happy for four-footed friends to stay on-site with their families.  As well as making the trip more of a whole-family experience, this can be a major budgetary boon for vacationers (as kennel costs add up quickly).


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