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The Importance of Cottage BBQ's

The Importance of Cottage BBQ'sThe importance of cottage BBQ's can not be under estimated!

Renters arrive at your cottage with a vision of how their week is going to unfold. Waterfront activities are at the top of their list. They have studied the pictures of your waterfront, anticipating what they need to bring to maximize their pleasure. Their waterfront agenda is set.

Eating is second on the list of important cottage activities. Every family unit seems to include a gourmet chef these days. They enjoy cooking their meals on cottage BBQ's and dining outdoors, weather permitting.  Families like to eat together. In fact, Haliburton cottages with large dinner tables book better than cottages that can't seat the entire group around the dinner table.

The most common renter complaint used to be empty cottage BBQ propane tanks but most cottage owners have purchased a 2nd propane tank by now. Problem solved. Next we had a summer where BBQing chicken was a popular activity which resulted in complaints about dirty, grease clogged BBQ's. Fortunately that trend only lasted one summer. This past summer, renters were emailing me pictures of rusty, old cottage BBQ's. The BBQ saga continues.  We cannot stress the importance of cottage BBQ's for renters.

The lesson we have learned is that eating is important to renters so make sure your cottage BBQ and kitchen appliances are in good working order before the beginning of the rental season. It is attention to little details such as this that make the difference between a good week at your cottage or an amazing week at your cottage. When people have an amazing week, they tend to re-book

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