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Haliburton Cottage Security Systems

Haliburton Cottage Security SystemsHaliburton cottages are vulnerable to extreme weather, power loss, faulty heating and leaky pipes. I did a little research to what alternatives were available to save you the expense of hiring someone to check your cottage on a regular basis. I discovered some interesting information that I'd like to share with you about Haliburton cottage security systems.

The Haliburton Cottage Security Systems industry has developed a few products to make you less vulnerable to the uncertainties of country living.  These systems appear to be add-ons for existing security systems. Security systems come in a range of prices but the cost of these add-ons are quite reasonable.

FreezeAlarm: will alert you by phone of a drop in temperature.

WaterAlarm: will alert you by phone if water is detected on a floor or rising too high in a sump pump. HeatAlarm: alerts you by phone if the temperature in your cottage rises.

All systems will automatically call up to three phone numbers to alert you of falling or rising temperatures, or water emergencies.

The added benefit of these products:  you can phone the system and turn up the temperature so the cottage is warm when you arrive.  Also, you may get discounted insurance rates if you have one of these systems installed at your cottage.


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