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Is your cottage insured? (written by Ross Robertson)

Does your insurer acknowledge rental coverage is included? Renting the Haliburton family cottage is an effective way to help defray the increasing costs of cottage ownership but renting the cottage does not come without risk.  The renter and his or her guest might be injured.  Water, smoke or fire losses may result in damage to the cottage.  Accidents do happen, be protected, be insured.

The traditional cottage policy provides protection for the personal use and occupancy of your cottage. Renting the cottage is excluded; there is no coverage for loss or damage occurring while the cottage is rented.  Traditionally coverage's are offered in 30 day increments.

When securing rental coverage, be certain that the coverage confirmation is in writing and shown on the declaration page of your policy. Verbal assurances cannot be substantiated and will be difficult to prove.

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