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There's a Mouse in the Cottage

We've learned more than we ever wanted to know about mice over the years?mice can squeeze through holes the size of a pencil?mice reproduce prolifically?mice like to nest in wood piles. Mice are a fact of life in cottage country.  We don't tend to get a mouse in the cottage in the summer but with renters coming and going, with doors being left open, it's possible that you may discover a mouse when at your cottage rental in Haliburton?

What do you do?  A mouse in the cottage can be easily dealt with.  It is not a "rodent infestation", it's just a mouse.  We do not recommend setting out poison as it's too easy for children or pets to get into - even if they are warned in advance.   Sonar devices haven't been getting good reviews. In fact, one cottage owner is convinced they actually lure mice into the cottage.

Old-fashioned snap traps seem to be our best option. BUT they need to be emptied and reset.  Look in your Haliburton Cottage household rules to find out where the mouse traps are kept and set a couple of traps in the area where the mouse was seen.  Chances are that you will have caught the mouse by the morning.  End of problem. ?

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