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Minden White Water Preserve hosts Pan Am Kayak/Canoe Events in 2015

The Minden White Water Preserve will be hosting the Pan Am Kayak/Canoe races from July 10-26, 2015. Will this impact cottage rentals in Haliburton for 2015?

The Minden White Water Preserve hosts a number of weekend events throughout the summer but in 2015 it will be part of the Pan Am Games as the site for the Whitewater Canoe/Kayak Slalom event.  These events haven't been included in the past three games due to a lack of suitable venue. The 2015 Pan Am Games will be the largest international sporting event ever held in Canada including all of the Olympic Games that have been held in this country.  The Games will bring together the Golden Horseshoe, with over 10,000 athletes and officials representing 41 countries.

Hosting the Pan Am Kayak Races will be great exposure for the Haliburton Highlands but we are not expecting a huge influx of spectators.  There will be a maximum of 40 athletes and coaches participating and they are all staying at the Pinestone.  Only 300 tickets with be available for the White Water Event.  Pan Am Kayak/Canoe tickets will be sold on a request/lottery basis and the process begins this Fall.  The information I am receiving is that most of the event attendees will be day trippers coming by bus from Toronto.

The Kayak/canoe enthusiast profile indicates that this event is on the lower end of the scale in terms of economic impact.  Followers are typically more outdoors oriented and if they are staying, they might be more inclined to camp than to rent a cottage in Haliburton.

The dates for the Minden Pan Am Kayak/Canoe events are July 10-26 2015 and the Para Pan Am Games will take place Aug. 7-15 2015.  The Minden White Water Preserve is located on Horseshoe Lake Road, off Highway #35, just north of Minden.  It is about 2.5 hours north east of Toronto.

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