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Family Vacations with the Dog

Dogs love being included in the family vacation when you rent a cottage just as much as the rest of the family. Playing in the lake, taking exciting walks in the forest with all the wonderful new smells and relaxing at the end of the day surrounded by family all contribute to your pet's positive cottage vacation experience. But just because you've escaped the daily grind, doesn't mean that your pooch has total freedom. Here are a few ideas to make your vacation with your pet run smoothly.

1)  If your pup enjoys the comfort of the couch, it's a good idea to bring along a protective blanket for the furniture at your cottage rental.

2)  Outside, pets should be on leash or closely monitored as there's lots of trouble they can get into (think skunks and porcupines). Don't forget that as adorable as your pet is, some people are afraid of dogs so keep him off the neighbours property.

3)  Of course, cleaning up after your pet is a given. Don't leave nuggets on the lawn for the next renters to step in.

4)  Bring along some of his favourite toys and his crate.  Dogs can become destructive when left unattended in a strange place so crate your animals if they are to be left alone in the cottage.

Being diligent in a few basic areas will ensure that your pet will have an exciting, safe holiday with his family.  When the cottage owners return to a clean cottage with a nugget-free lawn, they will be encouraged to continue allowing pets at the rental property.

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