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Educate Renters on Cottage Life in Haliburton

Dogsledding in Haliburton, Ontario


People who rent Haliburton cottages are eager to please but cottage life in Ontario can be a new experience for them.  If you tell them what makes you happy, most Haliburton cottage renters will eagerly abide by your wishes. 

All-Season Cottage Rentals develops detailed booklets for every cottage we represent to introduce renters…

Neighbours are our Friends

Screen renters to keep away from party groups

Cottage rentals and cottage neighbours can happily co-exist if extra care is taken during the booking process.  Here are four simple steps All-Season Cottage Rentals take to help ensure a happy neighbour-renter relationship.

 1) Screen your cottage renters.  We can control the use of your cottage by carefully screening cottage renters. …

Top 5 Attractions in Haliburton

Walk in the Clouds at the Haliburton Forest

Walk in The Clouds at Haliburton Forest

An incredible experience in the Haliburton Forest that allows you to walk along a rope and plank bridge in the top of the trees. Not for those afraid of heights, this is a can’t-miss attraction to truly experience the beauty of the wildlife…

Haliburton Bat Project


 This little brown bat woke up in the winter and was eating snow fleas

The Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (HHLT) received a grant from the Ontario Species at Risk Stewardship Fund to conduct a study on the bats in the County of Haliburton.  We have 8 species of bats in Ontario and unfortunately many populations are…

Boat Safety When Renting a Cottage in Haliburton

Water activities and boating are a huge part of summer fun in Haliburton County, especially at the cottage! But taking precautions should be an integral part of the process to keep everyone safe and avoid tragic accidents. Those who are new to cottage rentals in Haliburton, and who have never partaken in water activities before, may be unsure how to keep safe.

DO always make sure you…

5 Best Hiking Trails in Haliburton

Silent Lake (1589 Silent Lake Park Road, Bancroft, ON)  Difficulty: easy-moderate to difficult


5 Fun Things to Do in Haliburton

1)  Local Produce at the Farmers Market - every Tuesday 12-4 at Head Lake Park in Haliburton, every Friday in Carnarvon 12-5.  Local produce, flowers, cheeses, and meats.  Baked goods, crafts, hot lunches.  Support Haliburton farmers.

2)  Catch a movie at Highlands Cinema - a historic relic, this movie theatre is a museum and a theatre…

The Value of Feedback

Guest Blog:  by the owners of Towering Pines

My wife and I have been cottage owners in Haliburton for coming up on two years and have just completed our second season of cottage rentals.  The original plan was for the acquisition of a cottage to be the end game of a sequence that was to begin with my retirement, proceeding to sale of home, and then downsizing to a new and smaller residence.  Owning a cottage for rental to others did not fit anywhere into this…

Fishing in the Haliburton Highlands

Fishing is excellent in the fresh water lakes of Haliburton and Minden.

Haliburton’s fresh water lakes are a natural home to several species of fish.  Trout, both lake and brook are plentiful.  An aggressive stocking programme has small mouth bass populations naturally regenerating.  

In fact, both largemouth and smallmouth bass are common in Haliburton…

ATV Haliburton Highlands Extensive ATV Trail System

Haliburton Highlands offers 3,000 km of marked, mapped, and signed ATV trails.

Here is what "All Terrain Vehicle Magazine" recently wrote about the Haliburton ATV Association:  ATV owners interested in an exceptional place to ride should check out the Haliburton ATV Association website. (  The Haliburton ATV club is among the most active and well organized groiups in Canada.…

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