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Discover the Perfect Minden Cottage for a Family Getaway

Summer in Ontario is beautiful, inviting many locals to get outside and enjoy the warm weather (while it lasts). One of the top summer vacation destinations…

Paddling the Haliburton Highlands Water Trails

Are you dreaming of a summer cottage vacation by the lake? If you are, we have the perfect setting for you in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands! At

Coronavirus Update From All-Season Cottage Rentals

It seems as though we’re all looking for answers during this critical time in humanity’s history. While we should all remain vigilant, it is important for us…

The Best Places to Spend Winter Vacation in Canada

Spending time cozied up inside and away from the cold is a cliche activity in the winter. However, it’s a cliche for a reason: there’s something charming about…

A Checklist for Vacation Rental Cleaning

The small population of Haliburton Ontario is a blessing and a curse. Although nature is mostly undisturbed, the low numbers mean that less…

Cabin Rentals in Ontario Canada: Girls Getaways to Haliburton

When life becomes a chaotic whirlwind of responsibilities and busy schedules, it can be hard to connect with your friends. When you just need to get away from it all, grab your girls and plan the best girls getaway imaginable to Haliburton Ontario. You and your crew…

A Destination For Every Season: All-Season Cottage Rentals

Sunny summer day on Eagle LakeEvery season brings a new breadth of exciting activities in Haliburton Ontario.  When you stay with us at All-Season Cottage Rentals, you can find yourself in the heart of the perfect location for a wide variety of activities.  With Eagle Lake, Haliburton Forest hiking trails, and other local attractions, cottage vacations with All-Season…

Responsible Renting

Spectacular view at Justin & Colin's cottage on Drag Lake

Having a rental property in your Halburton neighbourhood has transitioned from a rare occurrence to common practice.  As the popularity of Haliburton cottage rentals increase, so do the problems associated with cottage rentals. 

I have been a cottage rental agent in Ontario for twenty years.  Experience…

Boating Etiquette at your Haliburton Cottage Rental

Boating at your Haliburton cottage rental

If you plan to go boating at your Haliburton cottage rental, here are some tips on boating etiquette.

1.  When passing other boats, slow your boat down and give them as much room as possible. Be mindful of the wake your boat creates and don't swamp other boats. 

2.  Stay at least 100 ' away from the shoreline unless you are going very slowly and not…

Neighbours are our Friends

Screen renters to keep away from party groups

Cottage rentals and cottage neighbours can happily co-exist if extra care is taken during the booking process.  Here are four simple steps All-Season Cottage Rentals take to help ensure a happy neighbour-renter relationship.

 1) Screen your cottage renters.  We can control the use of your cottage by carefully screening cottage renters. …

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