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Fishing in the Haliburton Highlands

Fishing is excellent in the fresh water lakes of Haliburton and Minden.

Haliburton’s fresh water lakes are a natural home to several species of fish.  Trout, both lake and brook are plentiful.  An aggressive stocking programme has small mouth bass populations naturally regenerating.  

In fact, both largemouth and smallmouth bass are common in Haliburton lakes.  Walleye (pickerel), northern pike, muskellnge (muskie), and splake (speckled/lake trout hybrid) can also be found in the fresh water lakes around Haliburton and Minden.

In large lakes around the Haliburton Highlands, trolling is a popular method of finding larger fish such as lake trout. We have it on good authourity that trout stay in deeper, colder water during the summer months.  On smaller Haliburton lakes, casting from a canoe or kayak can be challenging.  Or for a new twist, try fishing from a paddleboard.


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