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5 Best Hiking Trails in Haliburton

Silent Lake (1589 Silent Lake Park Road, Bancroft, ON)  Difficulty: easy-moderate to difficult

Silent Lake is a provincial park located in Bancroft, about 45 minutes from Haliburton. Although it is a bit of a drive, the park offers 3 different trails of varying difficulty so it is suitable for the whole family! Trails are as short as 30 minute round trip, and as long as 6 hours round trip.  Enjoy the tranquility of nature!

Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve (1095 Redkenn Rd, Haliburton)  Difficulty: Varying

Haliburton Forest has over 300 km of forest roads of trails- making it a paradise for hikers.  Haliburton Forest has something for everyone, and it is a must see for anyone in the area

Dorset Scenic Tower Hike (1038 Main St, Dorset, ON)  Difficulty: Challenging

 This hike starts at the Dorset Museum, which is about a 45 minute drive from Haliburton, 35 minute drive from Minden, and about 25 minutes from Carnarvon. It’s a 1.5 km loop, and the end result is a panoramic view of forests and lakes. It’s a must see to truly experience the beauty of the Highlands! During the open season a gift shop/information centre is available, as well as an area to enjoy a picnic lunch!

Crests of Kennisis (1584 Big Hawk Rd, Halls Lake)  Difficulty: Moderate-Challenging

 This 6km hike goes along towering ridgelines and leads to a stunning cliff-top view of the Haliburton Highlands- some of the best the area has to offer.  Be aware this is a linear trail, so you must have a car or shuttle to complete the trail in one direction.

The Haliburton County Rail Trail (Haliburton-Kinmount)  Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

This is a 35 kim trail - but don't worry, you can go for as long or as little as you like.  It is a mostly flat surface, so it's easy for beginners.  The scenery throughout consists of winding rivers, waterfalls, heritage bridges, and more.

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