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Boat Safety When Renting a Cottage in Haliburton

Water activities and boating are a huge part of summer fun in Haliburton County, especially at the cottage! But taking precautions should be an integral part of the process to keep everyone safe and avoid tragic accidents. Those who are new to cottage rentals in Haliburton, and who have never partaken in water activities before, may be unsure how to keep safe.

DO always make sure you have a life jacket. Life jackets are essential, and if you are boating, kayaking, canoeing, tubing, waterskiing, or doing anything similar you should be wearing a properly fitted life jacket. If you are using a motorboat, there should be enough life jackets for everyone on board in an easily accessible place.

DON’T assume you will not need a life jacket; you never know when an accident will happen.

DO always keep a boat safety kit on board your boat. The kit includes a bucket for removing water, paddles in case your engine fails, whistles and other emergency supplies.

DON’T assume it is safe to go boating because the ice has melted. The water can still be close to freezing, and if you are in an accident it can be tragic. You only have about 30 minutes in the water before hypothermia sets in and you will be unable to keep swimming to shore.

DO be mindful of local boating laws! In Haliburton County, you must have enough life jackets, you must have a boat safety kit, you cannot have too many passengers, and like most places you cannot have open alcohol.

DON’T drink and boat! It is not just unsafe; it’s against the law.

Remember, police checks are not uncommon and breaking the law can land you a fine or criminal charges! Also, never operate a motorboat if you do not have a boating license.

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