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Top 5 Attractions in Haliburton

Walk in the Clouds at the Haliburton Forest

Walk in The Clouds at Haliburton Forest

An incredible experience in the Haliburton Forest that allows you to walk along a rope and plank bridge in the top of the trees. Not for those afraid of heights, this is a can’t-miss attraction to truly experience the beauty of the wildlife in Haliburton.  Included in this price is a trip to the Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre, which is another must see. More information for Walk in The Clouds available here:


 Wolf in the Haliburton Forest 

  The Wolf Centre at the Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve

The Wolf Centre in the Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve is an incredible experience for  the entire family. Watch wolves through one-way glass to observe their natural behaviour.  If you’re lucky you’ll arrive at a time when they are feeling playful or being fed. The centre also consists of a museum that has information and displays about other local animals and a gift shop. More information for the Haliburton Wolf Centre is available here:

Haliburton Highlands Museum

For those of you hoping to learn more about Haliburton and its history, this museum near Glebe Park is for you! It has an incredible amount of information for you to learn about Haliburton County, as well as many historical displays to see. Admission here is simply by donation, so the price is up to you! More information on the Haliburton Highlands Museum is available here:


Wire sculptures by Charles O'Neil

Take a course or workshop at the Haliburton School of Art + Design

There are many week-long and weekend courses and workshops available to take at the Fleming campus in Haliburton. They have over 300+ choices, from writing, animation, fabric painting, jewelry and much more, they have something for everyone and courses for most age groups.  For more information on summer courses and workshops, visit:


Paddleboard lessons in Haliburton

SUPNorth Paddle Board Adventures/ Mermaid Lagoon

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is taking lakes in Haliburton by storm. Sign up for an SUP adventure with your family and friends and have a day of fun on the water! Or, take a class through the Mermaid Academy SUPNorth offers. Participants get to wear mermaid tails, receive lessons, and of course a photo-op! More information on SUPNorth lessons here:


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