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Neighbours are our Friends

Screen renters to keep away from party groups

Cottage rentals and cottage neighbours can happily co-exist if extra care is taken during the booking process.  Here are four simple steps All-Season Cottage Rentals take to help ensure a happy neighbour-renter relationship.

 1) Screen your cottage renters.  We can control the use of your cottage by carefully screening cottage renters.  We ask a lot of questions.  Who is coming to the cottage?  How old are they?  Applications will be turned away until we find a group that 'fits' your cottage.  This is especially important now that Airbnb is promoting cottage rentals in Ontario, as they appeal to a young demographic.  

2)  Define property boundaries to ensure renters don’t disturb your neighbours. 

 3)  Enlist your neighbours help.  It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes watching your cottage.  Encourage neighbours to phone if they see unacceptable behaviour.  Issues like barking dogs or loud music will be dealt with by All-Season Cottage Rentals.  

4)  Ban fireworks.  We make it clear that renters are not welcome to set off fireworks at any cottage rental in Haliburton.  No exceptions.


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