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Educate Renters on Cottage Life in Haliburton

Dogsledding in Haliburton, Ontario


People who rent Haliburton cottages are eager to please but cottage life in Ontario can be a new experience for them.  If you tell them what makes you happy, most Haliburton cottage renters will eagerly abide by your wishes. 

All-Season Cottage Rentals develops detailed booklets for every cottage we represent to introduce renters to ‘life at your cottage’.   If you are handling your own rentals through a web accommodation advertising service, you will need to create your own book of instructions. 

Here are some areas where education on cottage life in Ontario is necessary.  All these subjects are covered in All-Season Cottage Rentals information packages: 

1)  Septic systems:  most renters live in the city with sewers so they don’t understand the limitations of septic systems. Take preventative measures.  Educate renters on the do’s and don’ts of septic systems. 

2)  Garbage:  every cottage in Haliburton has a unique system for dealing with garbage.  Don’t assume renters know what to do.  All-Season Cottage Rentals will provide detailed instructions on where to store garbage between trips to the dump, which dump you use, and dump hours. 

3)  Cleaning:  cleanliness varies from renter to renter.  We will prepare a detailed list on what renters need to do before they leave your Haliburton cottage.  This will help make the change-over between cottage renters easier to manage

 4)  Activities/events:  busy renters are happy renters.  We have created a web -based Haliburton Resource Guide for our cottage renters to use while at your Haliburton cottage.  This web site provides information on restaurants, activities and events in the area.  It even provides google map links to locations so renters won't get lost.  This Resource Guide is provided free of charge at  


Checkout our Free Resource Guide!
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