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Making Cottage Rentals in Haliburton Personal

Snowshoes for renters


Making a personal connection will start your cottage renter’s holiday off on the right foot.  It creates a positive mind-set that will last their entire vacation. 

All-Season Cottage Rentals takes the time to get to know your renters so they already have an established relationship before they arrive at your Haliburton cottage.  We want your renters to feel comfortable phoning us with questions/concerns.  This communication is important as small problems can become large problems. 

First impressions count.  When renters step into your Haliburton cottage and see a personal note, a bottle of wine, or a plate of cookies, it creates good will.  It instantly converts their experience from renter to welcomed guest.  Renters make more of an effort to clean when they are dealing with people instead of corporations. 

It’s the personal touches that make Haliburton cottage rentals special.  Each cottage is equipped with a unique blend of extras such as spices in the cupboards, DVDs, games, toys… they all add to the enjoyment of your cottage.

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