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The Importance of Cleanliness

Importance of Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the biggest issue we deal with in the cottage rental business. 

Cottage rentals in Ontario have transformed over the past 20 years from a casual transaction between friends to a business transaction between strangers.  The up side is you get a lot more money for renting out your cottage.  The downside is that you have more responsibilities, with cottage cleaning at the top of the list.

Renters expect your Haliburton cottage to be pristine when they arrive.  For the amount of money they pay, this is a reasonable expectation.  The challenge will be getting the cottage clean in the short time between rentals.  We recommend you hire a cleaning service.

It is fair to ask renters to clean before they leave but keep in mind that they will only surface clean as they pack.  It is up to you, the Haliburton cottage owner, to make sure the cottage is sanitized so a consistent standard of cleanliness is maintained throughout the cottage rental season.

All-Season Cottage Rentals recommends you make a list of what needs to be checked between bookings for your cleaner.  For example, the bathrooms and kitchen will always need to be sanitized.  Check the BBQ to make sure the grill is clean.  There is a unique checklist for every cottage.

A few hours of cleaning between each Haliburton cottage rental is all it takes to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.  You will be pleased to discover that renters make greater efforts to keep a cottage clean, if it was clean when they arrived. 


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