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Cottage Rental Contracts

Detailed contracts encourage smooth interactions

Cottage rental agreements are key to successful renting.  This agreement is a legal document which clarifies in writing what your Haliburton cottage rental arrangements are and states repercussions if rules are broken. 

All-Season Cottage Rentals has their Rental Agreement reviewed by their lawyer on a regular basis to ensure it complies with changing laws and regulations.  We strive to ensure our Haliburton cottage owners are protected.  We take care of all the details of getting your rental agreement signed and payments collected before renters are permitted into your Haliburton cottage rental. 

Here are some important points we cover in our rental agreeement:


  • Who is coming to the cottage?  We ask for names and ages of everyone.
  • Indicate occupancy limits.  
  • Clearly state consequences for breaking the rules
  • Outline cleaning expectations
  • Provide emergency contact information

In the early years of renting out cottages in Haliburton, we discovered that renters were quite anxious to please.  If we encountered problems, they were due to ignornace - not arrogance.  As a result, we have created an extremely detailed cottage rental application that leaves little room for interpretation.  Our cottage rentals run like a well oiled machine.

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