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Haliburton Cottage Etiquette

End of the day bonfire

Ontario cottage etiquette is second nature to us but can be a total mystery to city folk. 

Cottage rentals in Ontario are getting a lot of publicity right now.  As a result, they are attracting people who have never been outside the city before.  Renting your Haliburton cottage will be their first cottage experience. 

A few pointers can go a long way towards preventing a bad experience for renters and Haliburton cottage owners alike.  Here are some areas we discuss in our information package:

1.  Doors must be closed at all times.  Some renters prop doors open while unpacking their cars.  Others will leave patio doors open for easy access to the deck.  All-Season Cottage Rentals create a unique infomration package for every cottage we represent.  We discuss cottage wildlife in our package.  Cottage renters in Ontario need to be educated that an open door is a formal invitation for wildlife (mice, chipmunks) to enter the cottage. 

2.  What should renters do if an animal gets into the cottage?  We encourage renters to phone All-Season Cottage Rentals for help.  We’ve known renters to chase bats and bees around their Haliburton cottage rental with tennis rackets.  We don’t want renters trying to deal with wildlife on their own.  

3.  Don’t leave food or empties on the screened porch.  All-Season Cottage Rentals provides renters with instructions for garbage disposal.  We remind renters not to leave garbage or empties on your screened porch.  Renters don’t realize how close our bears truly are.

4.  All-Season Cottage Rentals provide guidelines on the proper care and maintenance of bonfires.  We make sure renters know that campfires must be doused before going to bed at night.  We provide detailed instructions on how to douse a campfire.

5.  All-Season Cottage Rentals provide instructions on how to use your woodstove or fireplace.  Renters may never have used one before so we give them step by step instructions including how to tell if the flue is open.

 Renters are very eager to please.  All-Season Cottage Rentals realizes that cottaging may be a new experience so we educate renters on what they need to do to keep you happy. 


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