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It's Not Free Money

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Renting out your cottage in Haliburton is an easy way to make money but its not “free money”.  There is work involved with cottage rentals in Haliburton.

Before you make the decision to rent your cottage in Haliburton, take a candid look around.  Is your cottage in a good state of repair?  Make sure there aren’t rotting boards on the decks.  Railings must be up to code.  The windows must have screens so they can be opened on hot days.  Everything must be in good working order.

The next step would be to consider how much use your septic can handle.  All-Season Cottage Rentals will restrict renters to a number your septic can comfortably handle.  It is safe to assume renters will use substantially more water on a daily basis than you.  Factor this into your calculations.

 All-Season Cottage Rentals will take care of the details of marketing and administering your Haliburton cottage rentals.  We are available to respond to problems 7 days a week.    Small problems become big problems.  We encourage your renters to call us when the problem is small so you don’t have to deal with a big problem later. 

Be responsive to reasonable neighbour complaints.  Let All-Season Cottage Rentals know if you get a complaint from a neighbouring cottage.  It is very important to us that our renters NOT disturb your  neighbours.  We will deal with reasonable complaints immediately.  Noise travels over water and sometimes renters need to be reminded of this.  

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