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Is Your Cottage Rental Ready?

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Is your Haliburton cottage ready for the rental season to begin? All-Season Cottage Rentals often get asked by our cottage owners about what they need to do to prepare their cottage for rent. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare your Haliburton cottage for rentals.

1.  Cleaning:  before the rental season begins, clean your Haliburton cottage from top to bottom.  If you hire a professional cleaning service, you can write off the cost as a business expense.  A clean cottage goes a long way towards ensuring happy customers.

2.  Cleaning supplies:  stock up on cleaning supplies so renters have everything they need to keep your cottage clean. 

3.  Bedding:  put protective coverings on your beds and pillows so they appear fresh and clean when renters arrive.  Wash all of your blankets and protective coverings at the beginning and end of every rental season.

 4.  Garbage:  Haliburton renters are expected to take their own garbage to the dump.  All-Season Cottage Rentals will provide renters with details on where to store the garbage between trips to the dump, how to sort the garbage, directions to the dump, and a list of dump hours.  It would be a nice touch to leave garbage bags for them to use.  Apparently, clear plastic bags are not always easy to find in the city.

5.  Electronics:  one of the most common renter questions is “how to get the TV back to the satellite dish after watching a DVD”.  Write a manual on how to operate the entertainment systems at your Haliburton cottage.  Remember renters likely use cable in the city and are not familiar with operating satellite dishes.

6.  Empty space:  Renter’s need space so they can unpack.  Empty your refrigerator.  Renters will be bringing a week’s worth of food with them.  Empty a cupboard so they can put their non-perishables away.  In the bedrooms, leave a few dresser drawers empty so they can unpack their suitcases.

7.  Check-out list:  leave a checklist of things that need to be done before renters check-out at the end of the week.

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