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Boating Etiquette at your Haliburton Cottage Rental

Boating at your Haliburton cottage rental

If you plan to go boating at your Haliburton cottage rental, here are some tips on boating etiquette.

1.  When passing other boats, slow your boat down and give them as much room as possible. Be mindful of the wake your boat creates and don't swamp other boats. 

2.  Stay at least 100 ' away from the shoreline unless you are going very slowly and not creating a wake.  Respect your neighbours and don't buzz their docks.

3.  Always offer help if you see another boat in distress. It isn’t law but common courtesy. Haliburton County is a friendly area; we take pride in helping our neighbours.

4.  Be aware of noise. NOISE TRAVELS OVER WATER. Evenings are quiet in cottage country so If you are boating, know that cottagers will be able to hear your conversation.

5.  Do NOT boat at night.  It is dangerous and easy to get lost in the dark.

 If you follow these guidelines, you won't run into any problems while boating at your Haliburton cottage rental. 

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