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A Checklist for Vacation Rental Cleaning

The small population of Haliburton Ontario is a blessing and a curse. Although nature is mostly undisturbed, the low numbers mean that less convenient services and businesses are available in the area. One service in particular that we miss is the cleaning crews that typically visit rentals or hotel rooms in between guests. Because of this, we ask that renters of our cottages clean up themselves, in exchange for no added cleaning fees to worry about. When it comes to be your last day in one of our cabins, reference our checklist for vacation rental cleaning for maximum efficiency and courtesy as a renter. 

Your Checklist for Vacation Rental Cleaning: Step by Step 

Don't worry—it's easier than your house cleaning checklist because you don't have to worry about working around your belongings like at home. Although we do have an individual that sanitizes kitchens and bathrooms in between stays, they don't have time to clean much else. Here's what you should complete before you head back home. 

  1. Empty and wipe down the fridge. Since renters bring their food, they're expected to take everything they brought with them. Imagine discovering sticky spilled orange juice on the shelf of the fridge from the previous guest - don't subject someone else to that. 

  2. Wipe out the microwave. What's more unappealing than finding a stranger's blown up spaghetti on the top of the microwave? 

  3. Put furniture back. If you moved the furniture around to suit your preferences, please put them back where you found them. Just because you think the couch is better at an angle, doesn't mean that the next guest will, too. If you didn’t move the furniture at all, this would be the easiest part of our checklist for vacation rental cleaning. 

  4. Secure the boat. Our canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats would be a very valuable piece of our equipment to lose on Haliburton Lake if it were to come untied. Please take care to ensure they don’t float away, and that they stay coupled with their private cottage rentals in Ontario.

  5. Vacuum and sweep the floors. Although brushing crumbs off the counter and onto the floor may seem like a quick solution, stepping on leftover crumbs from the previous guests' sandwich is not the kind of "sand between your toes" most guests envision when on vacation. 

  6. Take out garbage and recycling. It makes the most sense to take the waste out after you're done cleaning everything else. That way, you don't have leftover single dirty wipes to deal with on your way out the door. 

Cottage Rentals in Ontario

Even though it’s not your cottage, treat it like you’d want your property to be treated. As you’re preparing to go back home, cross off everything on this checklist for vacation rental cleaning. To rent out your own cottage, or to rent someone else’s Haliburton Ontario cottage, visit us on our website or call us at 705-754-1506. 

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