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Horseback Riding Vacations in the Haliburton Highlands

Surrounded by the Haliburton Highlands' serene tranquillity, Ontario's cottage country is an idyllic location for any horseback riding vacation. With access to some of the best horse riding trails in Ontario, All-Season Cottage Rental, offers elegant rental properties guaranteed to provide comforts of home as you explore the majestic beauty that has made the Haliburton Highlands a premier vacation spot. In addition to the remarkable trail system, some local outfitters specialize in guided horseback riding and lessons. Horseback riding in Ontario is an equine enthusiast's dream, and we'd like to help you giddy up!

Horseback Riding in Ontario: South Algonquin Trails Inc.

As much as we admire the tenacity and grit of our horseback riding visitors, we recommend that you consider going on a guided tour to become acquainted with the area's landmarks, trails, and attractions. While it wouldn't be hard to venture out on an unassisted outing, guided horseback riding enables you to become enthralled by the captivating hillscapes, luscious flora, and dynamic wildlife, without wondering if you're going the right direction. Guided trail rides are the best way to maximize your horseback riding vacation. 

In Harcourt, Ontario, South Algonquin Trails offers guided trail rides through some of the most beautiful areas in the region. Located at the southern end of Algonquin Park, their stable provides access to several kilometres of horseback trails, ensuring a safe, yet eventful outing, led by certified experts. Geared towards family riding, South Algonquin Trails has a variety of options for riders of all ages and experience levels. Young children or those not comfortable with a large horse can choose to go on a pony ride through a forested trail to get their first taste of equine excitement, making for very memorable horseback riding vacation. Visitors may choose from an assortment of trips ranging from half-hour strolls to overnight excursions. In addition to trail riding, they also offer a day camp for youngsters eager to hone their riding skills and learn about equine management. 

The Best Cottage Rentals in Ontario

All-Season Cottage Rental, in the heart of cottage country, has several properties awaiting your presence. There's something to be said about retreating to comfort after an exciting day on the trail. Ideally located amongst some of the best horse riding trails in Ontario, we're more than ready to accommodate your stay. For more information on how we can facilitate your horseback riding vacation, please visit us online or call 705-754-1506.

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