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Plan Your Winter Vacation in Ontario's Haliburton Highlands

While it may not seem like it now, winter is just around the corner. As much as we love fall and summer, there is a lot to do in the Haliburton Highlands in winter. Even though there is still an abundance of fantastic weather for hiking, biking, and other outdoor recreational opportunities, we know many of our guests are patiently waiting for skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and even dog sledding! In just a couple of months, snow will cover the Haliburton Forest's rolling hills, and the entire region will transform into a winter wonderland, perfect for a winter vacation in Ontario. Sometimes winter is the best time of year for a rejuvenating retreat. All-Season Cottage Rental has a spectacular collection of charming Ontario vacation rentals waiting to be your home away from home. 

Cottages in Ontario: Discover the Haliburton Highlands

Thanks to the sprawling Haliburton Forest and proximity to the greater Toronto area, our neck of the woods is often considered "Ontario's Playground." With just about every winter sport available, outdoor enthusiasts won't be limited to enjoying themselves during the warm seasons. Because there are so many things to do in the Haliburton Highlands, deciding how to spend your winter vacation in Ontario can sometimes feel mind-boggling. To help you navigate the options, we put together a list of a few possibilities. Curling may not be Canada's de jour national sport, but it's certainly a popular pastime in Ontario.

  • The Haliburton Curling Club is a great place to introduce yourself to the beloved game.
  • Ice climbing is an adrenaline-fueled adventure that tests endurance and strength, and Yours Outdoors has a breathtaking introduction that will have you climbing a 15-metre ice wall after two hours of instruction!

  • Dog sledding is a unique experience that will help unleash your adventurous spirit. After a comprehensive training programme, guests will go on a guided tour of the Haliburton Forest. Dog sledding is a popular tour, so we recommend booking early.

  • Snowmobiling in Ontario is not a fast-paced, motorized way to have fun, but also an excellent way to explore the countryside. With over 400 km of well-maintained trails, it's no wonder that the Haliburton Forest is one of the best places to ride in North America.

  • Cross country skiing and snowshoeing are some of the most popular winter activities in the Haliburton Highlands and are easily accessible. The Haliburton Highlands Nordic Trail & Ski Club Association is the best place to start planning your route.

  • Ice fishing is one of the most quintessential Candian experiences and is often the cornerstone of many Ontario winter vacations. With so many excellent places to go, you have a good opportunity to land a personal best!

Ontario Vacation Rentals in the Haliburton Highlands

The Haliburton Highlands is one of the best places for year-round activities, so why not see what we have to offer during a winter vacation in Ontario? From modest vacation cabins to expansive lodges, if you're seeking a home away from home this winter, look no further than All-Season Cottage Rental. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit our website or call 705-754-1506.

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