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Ice Climbing in Ontario


From cross country skiing to dog sledding and everything in between, the Haliburton Highlands is no stranger to cold-weather recreational opportunities. Quite possibly the most daring and unique of these winter sports is ice climbing. One of the many fascinating aspects of winter in the Haliburton Highlands is that it tends to last a little longer than in the more southern parts of the province, so there is still some time left to get in on the fun! Ice climbing in Ontario has gained prominence recently, and All-Season Cottage Rental has ideal locations throughout our beloved region to make the perfect basecamp for your late-winter escapades. Be sure to browse our extensive and diverse Haliburton cottage rentals collection by navigating to our listing page

Exploring the Haliburton Highlands

While some people may look at the Haliburton Highlands as just another section of cottage country, there is much more to our neck of the woods than its status as Ontario’s unofficial playground. Located roughly 100 kilometres from the Greater Toronto Area is a sprawling woodland rife with curious critters, windswept pines, and pristine water bodies anxiously waiting to make your acquaintance. Although sometimes overlooked, this relatively secluded region of the province provides residence to various cliffs and waterfalls that generously lend themselves to ice climbing in Ontario.

Ice Climbing near Toronto with Elements Guiding

Although you don’t need experience as much as the desire to learn for ice climbing in Ontario, your willingness to endure the cold is the most crucial factor. Fortunately, an experienced outfitter is more than willing to show you the ropes and put you well on your way to becoming a seasoned climber! Typically you would need to login to Google Maps to find frozen waterfalls, but Elements Guiding won’t leave you hanging in search of safe places to enjoy such an exhilarating sport. You may be hard-pressed to find many guide services offering ice climbing near Toronto, so be sure to reserve your time to ensure you have a chance to experience the thrill. Patrons will be supplied with all the necessities and will take an easy hike with Foisy’s crew to undergo a safety briefing and technique lesson. It’s also worth noting that Yours Outdoors, in collaboration with Elements Guiding, offers ice climbing clinics.

Vacation Rentals in Ontario: Escape the City

Setting the stage for a refreshing late-winter retreat, All-Season Cottage Rentals is ready to serve as your gateway to the Haliburton Highlands. Find out for yourself the benefits of renting from a professional vacation property team managing over 120 Ontario cottage rentals. Not only will you find exceptional lodging options, but you’ll also have a wealth of regional knowledge at your fingertips via our reservationists. You can’t go ice climbing in Ontario after the ice melts, so why are you waiting? For more information or to speak with a reservationist, please visit us online or call 705-754-1506.

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