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Learn More about Haliburton’s Fishing Season, Hatchery, and Turtle Rescue

The Haliburton Highlands Outdoors Association (HHOA) is involved in the sustainable management of natural resources. Some of their contributions include fish hatching, turtle rescue, and emergency deer feeding. Located in Southern Ontario’s Haliburton Highlands, the HHOA is also involved in just about everything fishing-related. Let us explore more about the fish stockings, regulations, and rescue programs, which focus on nature conservation. 

The Hatchery Program at HHOA

HHOA has been running one of the most extensive hatchery programs in Ontario (and all of Canada). They run a volunteer program that is over 20 years old. The OFAH Community Hatchery Program distributes the proceeds from this program to all 53 volunteer hatcheries. Last year, they were responsible for stocking the lakes with over 34,000 fish!

Fish Stocking and Fishing Regulations

The Haliburton Fish Hatchery has been involved in stocking lakes with trout ever since 2000. They are responsible for stocking Miskwabi Lake, Esson Lake, Loon Lake, Lipsy Lake, and Koshlong Lake. Since that time, the HHOA Fish Hatchery has stocked over 700,000 fish. This program has also increased public awareness about the stocking of fish and good fishing habits in the Haliburton Highlands (and beyond).


If you are interested in fishing in Haliburton, Ontario, then make sure to follow the fishing regulations for the upcoming season. Species like brook trout and lake trout have specific rules in addition to restrictions related to gear, bait, and fish sanctuaries. In addition to that, there are certain restrictions about water bodies.

Turtle Rescue

Turtle rescue is at the heart of Turtle Guardians, who put all their efforts to save these creatures and their habitats. Huge communities, and even kids, are involved in turtle rescue by taking various actions, like becoming a turtle guardian, reporting turtle sightings, and becoming nest sitters, wetland watchers, or turtle road crossing monitors. The turtle guardian program delivery area is in “The Land Between,” where a third of Ontario’s turtles reside. This collaborative effort with communities and kids has been the backbone of Turtle Guardians.

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