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Discover Local Landmarks of Haliburton County

Every region has its local landmarks that highlight the history and culture of our communities. Haliburton County is no exception, chocked full of local landmarks that invite visitors to get off the beaten path. From the iconic artwork at the Haliburton Sculpture Forest to the last log chute in Ontario, there are endless landmarks to discover during your stay with All-Season Cottage Rentals!




6 Landmarks of Haliburton County

There are dozens of landmarks in Haliburton County; use the Local Landmarks Map to craft the perfect itinerary for your getaway:

  1. Haliburton Sculpture Forest

One of our most famous local landmarks is the Haliburton Sculpture Forest, home to a unique collection of outdoor sculptures along the trails of Glebe Park. 

  1. Haliburton Highlands Museum

Located right next to the Sculpture Forest is the Haliburton Highlands Museum. In front of the museum, you will find one of the original Waterhouse Steam Engines used at one of our local sawmills. Then, explore the museum exhibits and 19th-century buildings to learn more about local history. 

  1. Historic Locomotive

As you are exploring the Haliburton Village, stop to snap some photos of the historic locomotive. Acquired by the Haliburton Rotary Club in 1960, this landmark pays homage to the history of the railroad industry in Haliburton. 

  1. Minden River Walk

The Minden River Walk is a famous local landmark following the Gull River. Stroll down the path and explore the charming downtown and the Minden Cultural Centre

  1. Hawk Lake Log Chute

The Hawk Lake Log Chute is a unique historical feature in Algonquin Highlands. Log chutes are artificial structures that were used to carry logs over rivers. A log chute has been at this site since 1861 and is the last of its kind in Ontario!

  1. Haliburton Highlands Sculptures

In addition to the sculpture forest, there are dozens of other sculptures found throughout the Haliburton Highlands. From the Maple in the Park sculpture in Minden Hills to the towering lumberjack of Algonquin Highlands, there is endless art to discover!

Book Your Cottage Rental in the Haliburton Highlands

Stay with All-Season Cottage Rentals and set out to discover the landmarks of Haliburton County during your getaway! Browse our Haliburton Highlands cottage rentals for summer and winter and find the perfect property for your group. If you have any questions about planning your Ontario getaway, please feel free to contact us!



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