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Responsible Renting

Spectacular view at Justin & Colin's cottage on Drag Lake

Having a rental property in your Halburton neighbourhood has transitioned from a rare occurrence to common practice.  As the popularity of Haliburton cottage rentals increase, so do the problems associated with cottage rentals. 

I have been a cottage rental agent in Ontario for twenty years.  Experience…

Is Your Cottage Rental Ready?

Well appointed dock

Is your Haliburton cottage ready for the rental season to begin? All-Season Cottage Rentals often get asked by our cottage owners about what they need to do to prepare their cottage for rent. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare your Haliburton cottage for rentals.

1.  Cleaning:  before the rental season begins, clean your Haliburton…

It's Not Free Money

Ready for renters to arrive

Renting out your cottage in Haliburton is an easy way to make money but its not “free money”.  There is work involved with cottage rentals in Haliburton.

Before you make the decision to rent your cottage in Haliburton, take a candid look around.  Is your cottage in a good state of repair?  Make sure there aren’t rotting…

Haliburton Cottage Etiquette

End of the day bonfire

Ontario cottage etiquette is second nature to us but can be a total mystery to city folk. 

Cottage rentals in Ontario are getting a lot of publicity right now.  As a result, they are attracting people who have never been outside the city before.  Renting your Haliburton cottage will be their first cottage experience. 

A few pointers…

Cottage Rental Contracts

Detailed contracts encourage smooth interactions

Cottage rental agreements are key to successful renting.  This agreement is a legal document which clarifies in writing what your Haliburton cottage rental arrangements are and states repercussions if rules are broken. 

All-Season Cottage Rentals has their Rental Agreement reviewed by their lawyer on a regular…

The Importance of Cleanliness

Importance of Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the biggest issue we deal with in the cottage rental business. 

Cottage rentals in Ontario have transformed over the past 20 years from a casual transaction between friends to a business transaction between strangers.  The up side is you get a lot more money for renting out your cottage.  The downside is that you…

Making Cottage Rentals in Haliburton Personal

Snowshoes for renters


Making a personal connection will start your cottage renter’s holiday off on the right foot.  It creates a positive mind-set that will last their entire vacation. 

All-Season Cottage Rentals takes the time to get to know your renters so they already have an established relationship before they arrive at your Haliburton cottage. …

Educate Renters on Cottage Life in Haliburton

Dogsledding in Haliburton, Ontario


People who rent Haliburton cottages are eager to please but cottage life in Ontario can be a new experience for them.  If you tell them what makes you happy, most Haliburton cottage renters will eagerly abide by your wishes. 

All-Season Cottage Rentals develops detailed booklets for every cottage we represent to introduce renters…

Neighbours are our Friends

Screen renters to keep away from party groups

Cottage rentals and cottage neighbours can happily co-exist if extra care is taken during the booking process.  Here are four simple steps All-Season Cottage Rentals take to help ensure a happy neighbour-renter relationship.

 1) Screen your cottage renters.  We can control the use of your cottage by carefully screening cottage renters. …

The Value of Feedback

Guest Blog:  by the owners of Towering Pines

My wife and I have been cottage owners in Haliburton for coming up on two years and have just completed our second season of cottage rentals.  The original plan was for the acquisition of a cottage to be the end game of a sequence that was to begin with my retirement, proceeding to sale of home, and then downsizing to a new and smaller residence.  Owning a cottage for rental to others did not fit anywhere into this…

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