Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. You will find more details in the Booking Agreement, or you’re welcome to give us a call for additional information.

1) How do I book an Ontario vacation cottage?

Booking a cottage with us is simple!
First, decide which cottage you’d like to rent. Refer to the cottage’s availability calendar to make sure it’s available for the dates you’d like to visit. Click on the orange “Book Now” button and the on-line application will appear. For more detailed instructions, refer to Booking Procedure.

2) How much is the security deposit and when will it be returned?

In lieu of security deposits, we’ve put an Accidental Damage Waiver Plan in place to give you peace of mind during your holiday.  The plan protects you in the event of accidental damages to the property while you and your registered guests occupy the property.

You’ll provide a valid credit card on the waiver form so that we may apply any long distance and/or excessive cleaning charges, but the Accidental Damage Waiver ensures that no accidental damages (which have been reported to us before check-out) will be applied to the card.

3) How will I get the keys?

The keys are on the property. The information package we’ll send you ten days before the beginning of your vacation will include directions for finding the keys (or the combination of the lock box, if applicable).

4) What is check-in time? What time is check-out?

For most of our properties, summer season arrival time is 4:00 PM and departure time is noon. Be sure to double-check these times on your “Ontario Vacation Cottage Information Sheet” – some cottages have a slightly different schedule, and it’s important to adhere to these times so that the cottage may be thoroughly checked between rentals. During the off-season, these times may be more flexible.

Weekend rentals check-in at 4:00 PM and check-out at 4 PM.

5) Who cleans the cottage?

Upon departure, please ensure that the property is left the way it was on arrival. This is the renter’s responsibility. Since you are expected to leave the cottage in the same condition it was in upon your arrival – and the cottages are rented clean – this means that you and/or your party must clean the cottage prior to your departure. Cleaning supplies and a cleaning checklist are provided. The cottage will be inspected as soon as you leave the premises to ensure that everything is as tidy for incoming guests as it was for you.

6) What do I do with the garbage?

Never leave garbage behind. Clear disposal instructions are included in the Household Rules. To avoid messy, expensive (and sometimes dangerous) problems with wild animals (such as raccoons, bears, and skunks), never leave garbage outside unless it’s tightly covered in a wooden or metal container.

7) What do I need to bring?

All cottages are equipped with pots, dishes, glasses, cutlery, a refrigerator, and an oven. Extra amenities (such as coffeemakers, blenders, dishwashers, etc.) are listed under “The Extras” in the Cottage Profile; if an item is not listed there that you expect you’ll need, be sure to bring one along.

The following is a helpful list of suggestions of what to bring along on your Ontario cottage holiday:

Drinking water: Check under the section called “The Basics” in your cottage profile. If the water is drinkable, that fact will be clearly stated there. If not, large jugs of water can be purchased at grocery stores.

Linens: Don’t forget sheets, pillowcases, sleeping bags, towels, and kitchen linens. Blankets and pillows are provided unless stated otherwise.

Calling card: You’ll need a calling card in order to place long distance phone calls. Cell phones don’t always work in Ontario cottage country – but that’s part of the reason you’re visiting, right?

Life Jackets: Adult life jackets are supplied at some cottages as indicated on the Cottage Information Sheet. Children must bring their own life jackets, as jackets must be properly fitted in order to function properly. If you’re planning on going out on the water, it’s recommended to bring your own life jackets. While they may be provided at some cottages, fit is very important to proper function. Remember, an approved life jacket is required for each person in a boat.

Toilet paper: To protect the cottage’s plumbing, please only use single-ply paper.

Dishwasher detergent: If your cottage is equipped with a dishwasher, please bring dishwasher detergent.

8) Are pets allowed?

Pets are only permitted on the property if all pets are clearly indicated on the booking application form and approved by the owner. The number of pets is restricted to one (unless prior, written authorization is obtained). Bringing or allowing a pet at a no-pets cottage will result in immediate eviction and result in a non-negotiable penalty fee of $350.00 plus HST.

9)  Does the cottage get television reception?

If a cottage has a satellite dish, then you will have access to television programmes.  If there is not a satellite dish, the television can only be used for watching movies using the DVD or VCR player.

10)  Can I hire a cleaning service?

A cleaning service can be hired for some of our cottages (with enough advance notice) but not all of them.  If you would prefer to pay for someone to clean the cottage for you, call our office and we’ll do our best to make arrangements for you.

11)  Why do we have to provide our home insurance  information?

You are renting a private home, not a public establishment.  As such, it is our obligation to ensure all renters show proof of personal liability insurance. This is a coverage that is included in all home, condo or apartment insurance packages. As negligence or wilful damages are not covered by our Accidental Damage Protection Plan, the furnishing of proof of insurance allows the owner's insurance companies to accept any additional risk of them allowing your tenancy.

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