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Paddling the Haliburton Highlands Water Trails

Are you dreaming of a summer cottage vacation by the lake? If you are, we have the perfect setting for you in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands! At All-Season Cottage Rentals, we offer dozens of vacation rentals on private lakefronts throughout the Highlands so that you can play on the water all summer long. Some of our lakes even connect to the Haliburton Highlands water trails, a backcountry paddling area with 28,000 hectares of canoe routes. Use our cottages complimentary canoes and kayaks to explore these beautiful water trails with the family this summer!

A Guide to Haliburton Highlands Water Trails

The township of Algonquin Highlands manages the Haliburton Highlands water trails. The routes are separated into two management areas: Frost Centre and Poker Lakes canoe routes. The Frost Centre area includes routes in over 60 lakes with 11 public access points near your cottage rental. Some of the landscapes you will see along the way include old-growth forests, wetlands, islands, and waterfalls.

The Best Water Trails from All-Season Cottage Rentals

You can embark on a paddling adventure from any of our cottage rentals, but not all of the lakes are along the Haliburton Highlands water trails. We recommend our Big Hawk Lake and St. Nora Lake properties for those who want direct access to the Frost Centre Trails.


  • Big Hawk Lake Routes: Big Hawk is a popular lake to start your paddling adventure in the Highlands. Many of the suggested routes are multi-day trips, but you can easily customize your route based on your interests. From Big Hawk, you can paddle to Clear Lake or Sherborne Lake.

  • St. Nora Lake Routes: The St. Nora Lake to Sherborne Lake route is one of the most popular options for a weekend getaway. Paddle past scenic bluffs and explore the secluded bays on this water trail.


If you are interested in customizing your route with a local expert, use the trip planning service from the township of Algonquin Highlands. 

Cottages on Big Hawk & St. Nora Lakes

We offer three beautiful cottages on Big Hawk and St. Nora Lakes, available for up to eight guests. Our properties provide private shorelines, complimentary watercraft, and shallow entry for you to launch your kayak. 


  • Hawk’s Eye: This is a three-bedroom charming log cabin on Big Hawk Lake. Includes 150’ of private waterfront and on-site kayaks, canoes, and paddleboats.

  • Western Exposure: This is another three-bedroom home on Big Hawk Lake with 125’ of private shoreline. 

  • Cavaco Bay: This cozy two-bedroom cottage is on St. Nora Lake with 120’ of private shoreline. There are plenty of places nearby to reserve a canoe rental right on the lake!

If you are interested in driving to one of the access points of the Haliburton Highlands water trails, you can stay in any of our All-Season Cottage Rentals. You can find our complete selection of Ontario cottage rentals on our summer listings page.

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