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Experience Summer Stargazing in Ontario

Escape the city lights of Toronto and retreat to the pristine wilderness of the Haliburton Highlands this summer! Immerse yourself in nature with All-Season Cottage Rentals and experience stargazing in Ontario from the comfort of your cozy cottage. Venture outside your front door and witness a mesmerizing display of stars, constellations, and planets. Or gaze into the night sky with a local astronomer at Haliburton Forest and Algonquin Park!

Stargazing in Ontario from Your Cottage Rental

Since the Haliburton Highlands are relatively light pollution-free, you can enjoy stargazing right outside your cottage rental. Here are a few tips and tricks before you get started:


  • Check the weather forecast beforehand so you don’t get met with cloudy skies! Clear, moonless nights are best for stargazing. 

  • Learn what to look for in the night sky with a star chart or apps like Stellarium.

  • Don’t invest in a telescope just yet; binoculars are a great and affordable starter option. 

  • Allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness and avoid bright lights while you’re out. Consider investing in a red flashlight!

  • Start by finding familiar constellations like the Big Dipper, Orion, and Cassiopeia. Recognizing these patterns can be a great starting point for navigating the night sky!

Stargazing Sites in the Haliburton Highlands

Haliburton Forest

Haliburton Forest offers a beautiful stargazing site near your cottage rental at the edge of 100,000 acres of undeveloped land. There is an observatory and planetarium within the park, where you can glimpse into the night sky like never before! The Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope allows you to see dark sky objects like stars, galaxies, and deep sky objects. 


Sign up for their summer astronomy program, and experience stargazing with local astronomer Brian Mould. Witness a fascinating presentation and see dark sky objects like the Andromeda Galaxy through the telescope!

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is a designated dark sky-friendly stargazing spot. Stargazing is available throughout the park, offering views of planets, asteroids, shooting stars, satellites, and the moon. If you prefer to stargaze with a local guide, we recommend the stargazing experiences with Four Corners Algonquin. Sign up for a tour of the night sky with an astrophysicist!

Summer Cottage Country Rentals in Ontario

Choose All-Season Cottage Rentals to host your summer getaway and experience stargazing in Ontario from the comfort of your cabin! The secluded locations of our cottage rentals offer the perfect opportunity to gaze into the night sky away from light pollution. Book your summer getaway in the Haliburton Highlands today!

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